Roger Cantu
(Karma Changchub Dorje - "The Diamond of Enlightenment")
Los Angeles Meditation Center
1015 Gayley Ave. #1121
Los Angeles, CA 90024


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Roger is the Director of the Los Angeles Meditation Center, and the author of Powerful Mental Development. He is monk with a mission. Having studied alongside many masters, Roger shares "The Way" both online and off.

He maintains a website filled with wonderful information about Buddhism, meditation, and spirituality. This award winning website is a must for any spiritual traveler. Pathways to Enlightenment 2001

Roger's blend of self-discipline, harmony, meditation, and self-discovery is perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Having studied with Rama for fifteen years and never losing sight of the journey, Roger has a clarity not commonly found.


For more about Roger,

The Importance of the Three Jewels
Class notes from Roger's lecture at the Dharma Center in SD.

The World As Power
Class Notes from Roger's lecture in Los Angeles in regards to Tantra

13 Steps to Higher Energy

Clear and Concise outline to a Higher Awareness

Pathways to Enlightenment 2001
(The LA Center website)

A great site, rich with content.

Buddhist Questions and Answers
Read his answers to tough Buddhist Questions.

Rama Lives In The Sunset
A piece written by Roger shortly after Rama's Passing


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