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Ch 1 - The Dinner
Ch 2 - Mickey
Ch 3 - Elizabeth
Ch 4 - The Poster
Ch 5 - Self-Discovery Outing
Ch 6 - Shawn’s Boyfriend
Ch 7 - Taking The Step
Ch 8 - My First Student Meeting
Ch 9 - Don’t Trash
Ch 10 Meditation & the Wreck
Ch 11 In The Desert
Ch 12 After The Desert
Ch 13 The Ebell Theater
Ch 14 So, You Want To Be A Teacher?
Ch 15 The Visit
Ch 16 The Golden Oldies
Ch 17 The Correction
Ch 18 The Gift
Ch 19 Disneyland
Ch 20 The Letter
Ch 21 Starting Out
Ch 22 First Night As A Teacher
Ch 23 The Thank You Card
Ch 24 Priorities
Ch 25 Corrected Again
Ch 26 Returning Home
Ch 27 The Call
Ch 28 On The Road To New York
Ch 29 Christmas At Golden’s Bridge
Ch 30 Jumpy
Ch 31 The Initiation
Ch 32 Time To Leave
Ch 33 Keeping It Clean
Ch 34 Looking Back



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About Rama

Chapter 1 - The Dinner

I entered the large banquet hall of the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan.What an incredible experience!I looked around.Everyone was dressed in their finest attire.I shifted somewhat uncomfortably in my old Tuxedo.The suit was old and outdated and I just didnít feel that I was dressed properly.Everyone else was so perfect.But it wasn't the suit, it was something else.I couldnít place my finger on why, but I felt that I was standing out, and not in a good way.

The room was filled with a charged energy that I had come to know so well.It was present whenever I sat with Rama.My spine tingled and my awareness shifted into a heightened state.

I scanned the room trying to see the "right" chair.There it was.It was three tables back and toward the center.I smiled as I recalled how I had always tried to let the room itself show me where to sit.The chair glowed.I sat down and smiled at those at the table.I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of "Zazen".This amazing musical group was comprised by my fellow monks and my Teacher.It was incredible music!

I meditated and observed my awareness increase as my thoughts stopped.I felt "at home" yet I still felt as though I were just visiting.It was strange.Still the energy flowed through my whole being.It felt wonderful!

This was my first meditation with Rama in over six months.He liked to have us meditate in beautiful settings.The dinner was just something he threw in as a nice touch.I always found it amazing how he was able to do all that he did.

I sat and let my mind drift back over the years I had spent with my Teacher.A series of memories flooded my mind.Where did it all start?Long before this life.But in this life, I believe it started with Mickey.

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