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On the weekend that Rama left the body, I was drawn to the gorge in Anza Borrego. I had been feeling very unsettled and felt that this was a most auspicious time. It is rare that Passover and Easter take place only six hours apart. That is the closest in time when these two events can take place.

The night was most powerful and the full moon was incredibly bright. It was raining heavily all around us, but the sky above us was crystal clear and we spent the night experiencing the magic that can happen in that place. I know that Rama visited us there. There were just too many signs. I kept looking over my shoulder expecting him to walk up.

Many months ago a student of mine gave me a sweat shirt that had one of Rama's sayings on it. I have never worn that shirt. I was waiting for the proper time. The shirt said in big letters, "No Room for Snivelers - You can't gripe your way to Enlightenment"

I had that sweat shirt with me in the desert. I am wearing it now as I write this document.

Rama would not allow me to grieve. Every time I would start, he would stop it. I simply could not self-indulge in that way. Rama was about life! He lived life fuller that anyone I have ever known. His teachings seem to be centered around taking life by the throat and squeezing out every last drop. Every aspect in him strove for perfection. Perfection in work. Perfection in the arts. Perfection in play. Most of all, perfection in spiritual development.

All of us need to focus on our Dharma. To honor our teacher is to practice what he lived. To sit around and mope would really piss him off. Gather up your courage and have faith that that part of him that you so wanted to be around is still available. Enlightenment is our destiny. This incarnation is our vehicle. To attain Enlightenment before this incarnation ends is our task. To die before attaining it can only be reconciled if we have fought the hard fight with every part of our being.

Our teacher stayed until the very last possible moment. He lived life as full as it could be lived. If we are to honor him and his teachings, we too, must learn to live life, in our work, in the arts, in play, and especially in spiritual development to the very last possible moment.

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