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Returning Underwear

I was shopping for underwear. Not an everyday activity, but one that time and necessity had at last demanded.

So I journeyed to the local Department Store to explore the various styles of men's underwear. On this day, my customary choice of jockey shorts seemed a little boring. The sales clerk directed me to a new line of "fancy" men's underwear. "They look pretty sexy," I thought. This thought didn't seem like it was my thought.

I asked the sales clerk if they were soft, comfortable and, at the same time, functional. She assured me that I would be happy with them.

Upon returning home, I opened the package and my heart sank. They were small, weird looking and not soft like silk but rather stiff. I pictured right away what they would look like on me. It was not a pretty picture. I knew that they simply would not do.

I determined that I would return them right away!

Then I thought, "Aw.. just keep them, maybe my sons would like them." Right away I realized that this was not one of my thoughts! The boys would hate them as much as I did! I stuffed them back into the bag, grabbed the receipt and headed for the car.

"This is too much trouble, driving all the way back... Just keep them." Again I realized that this was not my thought. It was not too much trouble. Besides, I needed underwear that I could wear!... I would have to go back anyway!

As I drove into town I thought, "Boy this is just too much trouble! Why not just let go of it!"

Once again I realized that these were not my thoughts. I just kept on driving.

As I parked the car and headed into the Department store I thought, "Am I being a jerk or what!"

By this time I was a little amused by these thoughts that were clearly not coming from me.

I walked up to the clerk and pulled out the underwear. "This underwear was not satisfactory. They are not what the package advertised and I want to exchange them," I stated.

"I'm sorry sir," The girl stated, "We cannot exchange underwear once it has been taken out of the bag."

"Well that was that! Might as well go home", I thought..

Once again I realized that this was not my thought!

"I did not put them on, I only took them out and saw what they were like. I notice that you have packages here that obviously have been opened and are on the shelf. Let me assure you that I did not wear them and I want to exchange them," I said determinedly.

There was a pregnant pause. "I'm really being an Asshole," I thought.

Again I realized that this was not my thought.

Finally the girl got on the intercom and talked to the manager.

"This guy is a creating lot of hassle," she thought.

I just looked at her and realized then where most of my interfering thoughts had come from.

Finally the manager came down and he repeated the assertion that underwear could not be exchanged.

"Boy, I'm not going to win this one," I thought!

Immediately I dismissed that thought and calmly repeated that I had not worn them and I wanted to exchange them for some underwear that I could use.

Returning Underwear Commentary:

Throughout this whole experience I was assaulted by the thoughts and intentions of people that I did not know. Somehow inside this psychic soup we call life, they knew of my intention to return the merchandise. At some unconscious level, they started to interfere with me right away.

Because I had meditated and, in that process learned how to recognize my own thoughts from the thoughts of others, I was able to stay on course and finish my task.

I was amazed at how much energy was focused at keeping me from returning these items. But returning the items was not the point. If I fell into the trap of believing that these were my thoughts, there is no telling what I would later fall victim to.

We are all incredibly old and wise. Whenever you have thoughts such as, "This is too much trouble" or "I shouldn't do this, it will cause such a hassle," or "Just let it slide, don't make waves," you can pretty much bet that these are not your thoughts. You have value and it is important to stay on course once you have determined that it is the proper thing for you to do.




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