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One Night On The Beach

I lay on a sand dune on Asilomar Beach near Monterey one moonless night. It was the most extraordinary view of the night sky. The air was crystal clear. There were so many stars that it was impossible for me to find even the Big Dipper. I have never seen so many stars.

Slowly a fog started rolling in. As the fog continued to cover the sky, the weaker stars started disappearing one by one.

At a certain point, only the brightest stars were visible. The sky looked like one of those astronomy maps of the constellations. All the other stars had disappeared.

As the fog continued to roll in, even the brightest stars disappeared.

One Night On The Beach Commentary:

If it were possible to see everything about us, at all the different levels, we would be incapable of accomplishing anything.

Everything would blur into one huge cosmic soup.

As our awareness becomes more "limited", it becomes easier to perceive what is important in our life and focus on that.

If our awareness is too fogged, we cannot see anything.

When there are no limiting factors, then nothing is discernible. Too much limitation and all that is perceived is the fog. We seek a balance in our walk between total awareness and total delusion.





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