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My Old Radio

My little Ford Ranger pickup had the most inexpensive radio possible. As a result, it's reception was poor, especially on FM. The radio had the most annoying habit of shifting to whatever happened to be the strongest transmitter in the vicinity.

For instance, when I would leave work, I would tune into my favorite rock channel. As I traveled down the Los Angeles freeways, I would pass several FM stations. As I did, the original frequency would slowly be replaced with that of the nearby station.

My rock and roll station would suddenly become country or classical. Sometimes, if the station carried a similar kind of music, I wouldn't even notice until the interfering station passed and my original station returned.

I became pretty good after a while at noticing where these changes took place.

My Old Radio Commentary:

Everyone is psychic. Each one of us is very much like a radio and a transmitter. We broadcast our programs and receive programs from others. One of the challenges is to figure out who you really are. This is difficult because we are surrounded by so many powerful transmitters.

For instance, you will be thinking in a certain way, when suddenly your mother walks into the room. Everything shifts: your values, thought patterns and views. Later, as she leaves, you return to your old way of thinking. Friends and lovers affect us just as powerfully.

It is important to really know who we are and notice if the changes are coming from us or merely from those around us. Spiritual Liberation has been defined as being free of the thoughts and desires of those that love you.




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