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Fiddle In The Closet

I was serving as a minister to a small church in Grants Pass, Oregon when I met Jed. Jed was about seventy and was married with five children still living at home. All of his life he had struggled to make ends meet and that is how he was when I met him.

As part of our philosophy, we held classes on self improvement and Jed always attended. I felt sorry for the man. I offered what counsel I could and encouraged him and his younger wife to look for opportunities outside of the ways they normally would consider. It was during one of these sessions that Jed finally spoke.

"Perhaps I should consider selling that old fiddle in the closet," he ventured.

Thinking that it was either a leftover from one of his children's music classes or perhaps an old heirloom, I didn't think that the idea had much merit.

"What do you think it would bring", I asked?

"Don't know. It's been in the family for quite a long time. It one of them Stradivarius fiddles. I've been told that I was worth quite a lot of money."

My mouth fell to the floor. This man had a violin that was worth thousands of dollars and his family was literally going hungry.

The Fiddle In The Closet Commentary:

Jed taught me a lot. I started looking at my life to try to see if I had any treasures that were left in some closet unused because of my attachment to always looking at life from just one angle. Sure enough I found several talents that I had not even considered because of how I had always viewed myself.




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