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So This Is Who You Are!

I once had a dream that I was walking around with my chest open exposing thousands of wires, like a huge undersea telephone cable.

I watched as one of my friends came up and she picked out a gold wire, a purple with gold stripe, silver, silver with gold stripe, white, white with gold stripe and weave them together. She held these wires in her hand and said, "This is who you are!"

I answered, "Yes, but that is not all I am. I have thousands of other wires too."

She would not even acknowledge what I had just said. She was so intent upon looking at the wires she had in her hand. I recognized that was all she thought me to be.

Another acquaintance came up and pulled out a black wire followed with a, gray, gray with black, red, red and black, blue and gray, brown and black, purple and blue and at last a green with brown stripe. He wove these wires together and tightly held them in his hand as he said, "This is who you are!"

I said, "Yes, but that is not all I am. I have thousands of other wires."

He too would not even acknowledge what I had just said. He was so intent upon looking at the wires he had woven together. Again, I knew that that was all he thought me to be. I watched as person after person came up and picked wires and said this is who I was. No matter how I tried, it was almost impossible for me to get them to acknowledge that there was more to me than what they held in their hand. When I did succeed, they accused me of being a hypocrite or deceiving them. Rarely did they openly accept that there was more to me than they had figured out.

I knew that I was the total of all of the wires, not just the few that they held in their hands. I resented that they held me in such a narrow view.

Then I slowly began to acknowledge that only a couple of thousand of my ten thousand wires were exposed; that there were thousands of other wires that even I myself did not know were there.

I also began to notice that new wires were occasionally being exposed. Then I realized that I too seemed to have fallen into this trap. I had limited the awareness of my being to only those wires that were exposed.

The knowledge of having thousands of more wires inside myself opened up a vast range of attributes and potentials that I needed to explore within myself.

So This Is Who You Are! Commentary:

Other people's perception of us and our perception of them is determined by our own limited awareness of who we are and who they perceive themselves to be.

A fully "Enlightened" soul would have the full knowledge of all the "wires" contained within its soul. No wonder that no one understands Enlightened Teachers. Our grasp of them is limited to what we can hold in our hand. What we hold in our hand reflects how much we have explored the vast regions within ourselves.

The spiritual aspirant seeks to hold the wires loosely, not braiding them so quickly or tightly. Because once a person is fixated, it is almost impossible to change that perception.





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