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The River Dreams

First Night

One night I dreamt I was a native paddling down the Amazon River in a long dugout canoe. I was seated at the front and a member of my tribe was paddling in the rear.

As we paddled down the river, I saw a small boy swimming in front of us just ahead. He was a member of a tribe that we had experienced some conflict with in the past.

I started guiding the boat toward the young boy. As we started to glide past the boy, I reached behind and grabbed my spear. I then bent over and caught the young boy just under his chin and the tip of my spear exited though the back of his skull. I pulled the twitching body on board and withdrew my spear. I then tossed the body back into the river, washed my spear and hands and started to paddle again.

I awoke from this strange dream shaken and disturbed.

Second Night

The next night I dreamt I was a native paddling down the Amazon River in a long dugout canoe.

I was seated at the rear and a member of my tribe was paddling in the front.

The man in the front changed the course of the boat and soon a small boy who was swimming in the river came into my view. He was a member of a tribe we'd had some problems with in the past.

I smiled and remembered swimming in the river when I was a child.

I then saw the man in front set his paddle down and reach for his spear.

"He's only going to scare the boy!" I thought.

Then he leaned over and speared the boy like a frog. He pulled the body onto the boat. The boy twitched and then went limp.

I was horrified! He was just a little boy! I thought of his family and playmates and the incredible anguish and sorrow that this senseless act would cause. Visions of the funeral and the intense void that had been suddenly inflicted upon a whole tribe overwhelmed me.

The man then callously removed his spear and tossed the boy's body back into the river. I saw the child's lifeless face as it floated by. The man in front washed his spear and his hands of the blood and then calmly started paddling again.

I awoke crying and outraged.

Third Night

On the third night, I dreamt I was swimming in the river. The water was warm and it was fun.

Suddenly I turned and saw a boat right upon me! Then a brilliant white light!

I awoke somewhat surprised.

The River Dreams Commentary:

Who Suffered The Most?

The man in the front of the canoe?

The man in the back of the canoe?

The young boy in the river?

The man in the front did not suffer. He was too callous and caught up in himself to have any feeling at all. He did not take into consideration the outcome of his actions.

The young boy did not suffer. All he experienced was surprise and white light!

Obviously the one who suffered the most was the man in the rear, he was the witness. He identified with the victim. He took into consideration the impact of this monstrous act. He was the only one who placed judgment upon this event. He was the one who was outraged. He was the only one who suffered!

We who witness and can see the impact of callous acts are the ones who suffer the most.








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