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Roller Rink

In this dream, I was preparing to teach a meditation class. However, something just didn't seem right. I had an uneasy feeling about this class. Every time I thought about holding this meditation, I felt like running away.

Soon one of my students arrived to drive me to the new place we were to be meeting. He saw how uneasy I was and tried to assure me that this new place was a good one.

"This is probably some interference that your encountering," he said.

I hesitated for a few more moments and then decided to go ahead.

We arrived at a huge building and I was guided inside to the stage where my meditation chair was located.

The chair and stage was set up in the way I liked, but I was astonished!

Directly in front of me was a roller rink!

I observed lots of people skating around in a huge circle. The music and the announcer dictated speed and style. The announcer would say, "Ladies only!" or "Mixed couples" or "Free style."

The variety of ways to skate in this circle kept the activity from being boring.

"Why don't you sit down and meditate," someone asked me.

I looked out and saw people skating around. The motion created a wind in their face. When one fell, others would help them up.

As they flew by, they would shout about how fast they were going and how much they have learned.

I turned and said, "I will not meditate here. This is ridiculous. If people want to meditate with me they cannot be content to go around in circles."

I left the rink and only a handful of people left with me.

When I awoke, I meditated on this dream. I got volumes out of it's interpretation. One of the main realizations was that most spiritual organizations are like the roller rink. People are having the experience of movement and wind in their face, but there isn't much transformation once they strap on the skates and get out onto the floor.





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