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The Parliament Of Our Being

One night I dreamt that I was witnessing a meeting of Parliament.

The large Hall was divided into two elected parties that sat opposing each other. The two ruling parities consisted of a majority and the other was the loyal opposition. On the periphery, in the galleries, were the special interest groups and the lobbyists.

The majority ruled and dictated the direction of the government, but as circumstances unfolded, members of the majority would occasionally switch sides creating a new government ruled by what used to be the minority.

Throughout every decision making process the special interest groups and lobbyist would loudly shout their preferences. The Parliament was always balancing and weighing everything that it did. This demonstrated itself as a group of individuals who are only working in cooperation for the moment.

For instance the decision would be made that a project needed to be undertaken by the majority. The loyal opposition would argue that the government could not afford it and this was not the time. The lobbyists and the special interests would be shouting such things as, "It's about time that you decided to do this," or others would yell, "Don't be crazy! There is a better way to do this!"

As the government would go through the process of pushing forward on the project, the opposition was always against it. But as long as the majority were in favor, the project would proceed.

At each point in the process, votes would be taken as the special interest groups and lobbyists would do their thing by working hard on trying to sway members to move to the other side or stay. At each step, it was only when the Majority had overcome the minority, on issues concerning the particular time and terms, that the project would finish to completion. Even after the project was completed, the loyal opposition would continue to argue their points of view and sometimes create "Buyer's Remorse."

I realized that the Parliament in my dream was really my consciousness. When I first met my Teacher, I was given a pin-on button that stated, "Know Thyselves". It wasn't until over a decade later that I finally realized what that button meant.

So now, when someone asks me about a definite point of view, my response will probably be that most of me believes that way, for the time being.





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