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The Ordinary Life

I remember a past life when an Enlightened Teacher once said that it was time for me to commit to being his disciple.

I had been following him for a while. Although I wanted to become his student, I also had a desire to get married and have children. I wanted to live an ordinary life.

When I expressed this desire to him, a faint almost imperceptible shadow crossed his face. He had seen the implications of my decision, but he quickly smiled and said, "Go with my blessings! I will grant you your desire!"

I left and shortly after met the woman of my dreams. We married, moved to a perfect little cottage in the forest and raised five beautiful children.

The years passed and we grew older. Our children grew up and one by one moved away. Soon it was just me and my wife again. Our outer beauty had long since passed, but our love still shone. At least we had each other.

When she passed away, I was finally alone. I began to realize that everything I had desired in life had come and gone. I was truly alone. I began to comprehend the transitory nature of everything. I started to remember what my teacher had spoken of many years ago. I began to think about God again. Then I realized that I had passed up the opportunity to study with an Enlightened Teacher for a temporary experience of domestic life. I remembered my teacher and saw that he knew that any desire that stood between myself and God had to be dealt with. He loved me enough to make it possible for me to experience the ultimate fruition of this desire. All too soon, I died and everything went away.

I spent the next fifteen lifetimes looking for an Enlightened Teacher. I spent whole lifetimes as a Buddhist Monk, Christian Monk, and in other spiritual pursuits for Enlightenment. I read about Enlightened Teachers, thought about how it would be to touch them, to work closely with them. I prayed to them, but they were always out of my reach.

That is why, in this lifetime, when my Spiritual Teacher said, "Come and follow me," I bolted out the door. I wasn't about to let it pass me by again.

The Ordinary Life Commentary

One of the greatest teachers we have is that of lost opportunities. It is easy to get caught up in the dream of desires and possessions.

Desires stand between you and Enlightened Mind.

"Possessions, family, fame, and accomplishments are all going into the garage sale that awaits you at the end of your life."

A person needs to always keep in mind what is really important and worthwhile. We should focus on what will not be in the garage sale. We are not our desires or possessions. We are much more. We are Eternity wandering through all of creation in search of God Realization.





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