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In a dream, I traveled to some of the most beautiful places on earth. I breathlessly saw the immense beauty of this earth, the majestic mountains and rivers meandering through lush green valleys. I saw incredible lakes with fish leaping out of the water to catch flies, the blue skies with their white puffy clouds that share space with the eagle. I looked in awe at the wonder of creation, and my heart began to sing.

Then I rounded a corner and came upon a huge open pit gold mine. I saw that whatever the mine touched lost its beauty and life. Even the water that flowed from it was filled with cyanide. It was like a cancer upon the land. The watchman proudly showed me the mine and talked about all the gold that had been reaped from the earth.

I asked him what was being done to replenish the earth. He looked at me as if I were crazy. I asked what the mining company would do once all the gold was mined. Would they give millions of dollars to restore the land?

He just looked at me as if I were some sort of nut. "You must be one of those environmentalists!" he said scornfully and escorted me out side of the gates

I turned and walked away. The dream ended.

The Nature Commentary:

How are we participating in life? Are we here to just take and use? Or are we here to experience and live in the fullness of creation? If we do not put back into the system and compensate for our awareness, our life becomes like that huge open pit gold mine. Everything we touch dies, and our legacy is one of waste and destruction.

I am not against mining. I am against the crass disregard for life. We each take while we are here. What are we putting back?

I have looked at my life and I realize that I have lived most of it as a strip miner. However, lately, I decided to go back and put back into life what I had so greedily and foolishly taken from it. As I began to do this, suddenly my life started to sprout new vitality. In giving back, I found a joy and completeness that was fulfilling, an experience of wholeness. I can't say anymore that it is selfless giving. In reality, it is not. I reap so much joy in assisting others and cleaning up this experience, that I feel I have to give back even more!

As I do this, I see myself viewing creation from a lofty perch. I find myself standing on a high ledge, once again breathlessly taking in the all consuming beauty that surrounds me.




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