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The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree had been put up and all the decorations hung. All that remained was to plug in the lights and gaze at its glory.

The room lights were all turned off in order to gain the full effect of the beautiful Christmas tree lights. The moment had come and the plug was connected and the lights glowed.

However, most of the lights had become loose during the course of the year while they were in storage. The room had a blue hue because most of the lights that worked were blue. As the lights were one-by-one replaced or tightened, the room's hue changed. Finally all of the lights were connected. As they blinked, the room seemed to magically dance and become alive with them.

The Christmas Tree Commentary:

Each one of us is like that Christmas tree. The room is the physical experience that we find ourselves in. The color of the lights that are currently shinning cast a hue over our experience of life.

The Awakening experience is simply connecting parts of our being that are already there. Spiritual teachers and the spontaneous awakenings simply connect and bring on line parts of our being that are not connected before. As each aspect is awakened, it changes our experience and outlook on life.





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