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The Casino

The Casino stood out brightly with glittering lights and beautiful architecture. To all it appeared to be magical and intriguing. From the moment you pulled into valet parking and handed over your keys, the beauty, glitter and excitement of the place seemed to transport you into a wonderland of fantasy. Everywhere there were people serving and entertaining you. As you made your way from the gaming areas to the restaurants, gift stores and even sat down to enjoy a lounge act, the whole experience was one of light, fun and excitement!

If you worked for the casino it was a different story. First of all, you parked in the employees' parking at the back of the building and entered through the employees' entrance, located between the loading docks and the dumpsters. The interior was stark and dreary with florescent lighting. As you changed clothes in the employees locker area, you passed the ones who were getting off work. Their eyes were tired and they were happy to be going home. You walk past the kitchen where an army of people slaves continuously to supply the 24 hour buffet and the runners with their carts piled high, weaves down the long hall to the restaurant area. You pass the hall that leadsd to the highly secured counting room and the passages that security uses to conduct their surveillance of guest and employees.

In short, the casino has two distinctly different faces. That which is presented and that which works behind the scenes. Each is dependent upon the other in order to make it all work. It is in the totality of the Casino that the real magic is realized.

The Casino Commentary:

We are each like the casino. We have our side that we like to present to the world. It is our public image. But in the back, we have the garbage and the basic workings of the innermost parts of our experience. The problem for the aspirant is to explore the totality of the casino and not get stuck in the dumpster. Everyone has garbage. Everyone has some pretty basic and even primitive aspects to their life. It is in learning how everything works together that we come to a happy realization of the magic of our life.




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