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The Bar Fight

It was a hot summer night and the Saloon was packed with a loud boisterous crowd. I was standing quietly at the bar enjoying a cold beer when, suddenly, a man started screaming at a rather burly fellow and was then promptly pummeled to the floor. Instantly all pandemonium broke loose. Everyone started fighting and throwing chairs and anything else they could lay their hands on.

Having no wish to participate in this mayhem, I knew that I had to get out the door. The exit was located clear across the Bar. I started working my way toward the door dodging any objects that flew my way as I tried to stay out of everyone's way. At times I would crawl under tables. Whenever I was confronted with a person who insisted on fighting with me, I would quickly knock him down and continue my way to the door. It was imperative that I pay attention on what was going on in the immediate area around me and yet keep my intention on the door.

I knew that if I stopped and took in all that was going on in the bar, I would be overwhelmed and forget about getting outside. I knew that I could not lose my focus and allow myself to indulge in watching or being involved in the fighting.

Soon I made it to the door and quickly slipped outside. I was only fifty feet down the street when the police arrived and entered the Bar.

I had escaped, just in time.

The Bar Fight Commentary:

The pathway to Enlightenment can sometimes resemble a bar fight. The Psychic and Occult energies that one becomes aware of can become a total distraction and, if one is not careful, you can get all caught up in the mayhem and distraction and not get out the door. We should always remember that the light outside the door is our goal, not the fight inside. As we concentrate on the light, we will soon be free. Keep you focus on the light and put everything you have into gaining freedom.



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