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The Guru Visits the City

There once was this Guru that meditated high upon a mountain. He lived in a cave and, after many years, his spiritual advancement was such that word spread and he had a steady stream of spiritual pilgrims journey to his cave. His insights and recommendations were always so wonderful and created both insight and the awakening of awareness in everyone who visited him.

After a few years he decided to travel down from the mountain to visit a nearby city.

Once he entered the city he was assaulted by the hustle and bustle of the teaming life that was always going on around him. The traffic, the loud noises and all of those people who were constantly bumping and shoving up against him were most distracting. After a while it really started to irritate him. Then, as he was crossing the street, a man honked his horn and yelled at him to walk faster.

The Guru got angry…

The Guru returned to the mountain and once again meditated deeply. During his time of contemplation, he relived his visit to the city many times. He examined his reactions and sensitivities during his visit to the city.

After many months of meditation, he once again decided to go into the city.

This time it went a little easier, but after a couple of days, he noticed that his field of awareness was beginning to drop. So he once again returned to the mountain cave and resumed his meditation and contemplation.

The Guru traveled to the city many times over the next few years. Each time returning to the mountain cave to meditate and contemplate how the city would negatively affect him.

One day he found that there was no difference between the city and the cave. They were one in the same to him. It was all light and God.


As the spiritual aspirant grows in awareness, so does the sensitivity. One can even reach a certain level of Enlightenment and still be trapped by this sensitivity. However, achieving Liberation is a monumental achievement. When you reach the point that Jesus did as he walked through the leper colony, with lepers clawing at his arms with diseased fingers, and not be affected in any way, is a true measure of both Enlightenment and Liberation.
Rama said, ”Enlightenment! Don’t go anywhere without it!”… Liberation makes that possible.





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