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Dan and Jill were avid backpackers. They decided to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary by trekking through the outback of Arizona. They were about three miles off the beaten trail when they decided to take a rest on the side of a canyon.

As Jill unpacked her backpack to retrieve some sandwiches, Dan found a level spot and lay down on his side, leaning on his elbow. As he waited, he absentmindedly picked up a rock and started turning it over in his hand. The rock was heavy and had a bright glimmer to it. Gradually he began to realize that he was holding a golden nugget! And a pretty good sized one at that!

He and Jill excitedly began to search around and they discovered that the entire area was covered with gold! They followed the trail of nuggets up the side of the canyon and discovered a huge vein of gold. The following days were spent carefully plotting the exact location and researching deeds and mineral rights. After seeking some professional help, they sold their home, cashed in their savings and began divesting of anything they could to raise enough money to meet the down payment and secure the land. Jill even sold her engagement ring and Dan sold his prized Harley Davison. Secrecy was a crucial element in this process. Not even their closest friends and relatives would know why they were obsessed with this piece of property.

Finally the land was purchased and soon the mine was in operation. They became incredibly rich!

Gold Commentary: To Dan and Jill's friends and acquaintances who were watching them suddenly sell everything to buy some remote ranch land, their actions must have seemed strange and reckless. It was only after the land was purchased and the existence of the gold could be revealed, that their wisdom was acknowledged. No one would call them foolish for getting rid of everything in order to obtain such vast wealth.

I am of the opinion that enlightenment is far more valuable than gold. I have always been willing to give up anything in order to have a chance at enlightenment. I think it strange that I find myself in a world that does not see the wisdom in this attitude.




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