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The Zen Master

The Zen Master lived at the edge of a small fishing village in a simple hut. He always smiled and observed life as it walked by him on the road. His life was taken up with simple activities and meditation.

One afternoon a throng of people from the village came to his hut. They were very angry.

"You call yourself a Holy man! How could you take advantage of my daughter?!", the large man shouted.

"Ah so!", said the Master.

"You took advantage of my little girl and now she has this baby!", the man screamed as he held a small child over his head.

"Ah so!", said the Master.

"You are a scoundrel and you will raise this baby!" the man proclaimed.

Everyone who had come with him from the village murmured and nodded in agreement. Clearly this so-called Zen Master was nothing more than a bum.

"Ah so!", said the Master.

The crowd and angry man left the Master with the young child.

"Ah so!", said the Master as he picked up the child and looked into it's eyes. He smiled as the child giggled.

During the following months the Zen Master cared for and played with the young child.

One day the large man approached the hut with a young girl. She kept her gaze to the ground and the man had a grave expression. Great loss of face.

"I was terribly wrong.", said the man as he bowed and kept his head lowered.

"Ah so!", said the Master.

"She finally admitted that it was the boy at the fish market." he continued.

"Ah so!", said the Master.

"They are married now and would like their baby.", The man explained.

"Ah so!", said the Master.

"So we will take the baby now. Thank you. So sorry!", the man gushed.

"Ah so!", said the Master.

The man, girl and her baby walked way, leaving the Master in his hut by the road.

"Ah so!", said the Master.

The Zen Master Commentary:

"Ah so!"





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