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The other day, I decided to go visit God. I had been having a bad day. I owed some money and a commission check hadnít arrived yet. I also had this occasional headache and I figured that He could help me out.

I knew where God lived. He had an apartment in Santa Monica. It was the end apartment on the top floor of a two story apartment complex. It had a great view of the bay. Not bad, apartments with this type of location were almost impossible to get, but after all, He is God and such things come fairly easy.

I climbed the stairs and walked down the outside walkway to his apartment. It had a shine that made it easy to pick out. The plants that hung outside the door were in perfect bloom... "Figures," I thought.

I knocked on the door.

"Whoís there?" God asked.

Right... I knew that He knew, that omniscient stuff. But I answered anyway.

"Itís me, Tony," I said.

"Tony who," He asked?

"You know, Tony Chester," I replied, knowing that He absolutely knew who I was.

The door cracked and I could see just part of his face. I never get tired of looking at God, His beautiful eyes and that wonderful long beard. I bet He would look great playing with Z Z Top, I thought.

"What is it this time!?" He said with a slightly irritated voice.

I could tell by the tone in his voice that this was not the time to ask for any favors. He was obviously not having a good day.

"Oh,.. nothing." I stammered. "I just thought I would come by and pay a little visit," I quickly lied.

"Really!" He said raising His eyebrows.

There was this pregnant pause, then He said "Well, in that case come on in!".

The door opened and I entered His small apartment. It was really quite well done. After all God does have exquisite taste.

The fish in the aquarium looked alive, healthy and happy, unlike my own. Guess it must be pretty good living with God.

"Would you like some tea?" He asked.

"Sure, do you have any Chamomile?", I asked.

"Absolutely!" He said as it manifested on a beautiful saucer that matched the cup of hot water he was handing me.

"I prefer Red Zinger myself." He stated.

The table had a nice cotton cover with perfectly stitched daises embroidered in bright colors.

"My, isnít this nice. So all you really wanted to do was just visit. Boy, is that nice! You just would not believe how rude most people are. They are constantly disturbing me with ,íCan you help me get a commission check?í or ĎCan you cure my headache?í"

I squirmed and look down at my cup.

"They are always begging me to do something for them. Itís always do this for me or stop this from happening and it is always about something that will go away sooner or later anyway. Almost all of their problems could be solved with either a little initiative or an aspirin. I swear, humans are the biggest nuisance in my creation! How would you like it if people were always asking for something but never came just for a visit? Sometimes I truly feel that no one really wants to spend time with me or even get to know me. Hell! Even when I do what they ask, they seldom say thanks and for sure they will forget any promises they may have made! I just canít believe how rude everyone is! Iím sorry, but sometimes people really piss me off!!"

He looked at me and sighed. "Sorry, present company excepted."

Then he pulled out his chair and sat down and quietly took a sip.

"Yes I suppose most people are really rude that way." I squirmed.

The tea was wonderful. In fact it was the perfect cup. As I think of it, everything was perfect. We sipped our tea and watched the most incredible sunset. God really outdid himself mixing the colors on a few puffy clouds with the ocean and sky.

We sat quietly and talked as old friends do who seek only the company of each other.

Later, as the moon reflected over the bay, I sadly knew that it was time to return to my apartment. I had to water my plants, tend to my aquarium and do the washing.

God smiled, got up and opened the door. He put his hand on my shoulder as we walked to the door. "Come back and see me again," He said with a twinkle in his eye.

As I started my car and pulled onto Ocean Boulevard, I decided that I would have tea with God more often.

Tea With God Commentary:

Most people only approach God or Eternity with their everyday problems. While this is an important thing to do in coping with this world and our experiences of life, it seems to me that not enough time is spent just trying to get acquainted with God. We need to simply seek the holy presence of God without seeking advice or trying to change something.

This is the difference between prayer and meditation. Prayer is where one seeks courage, insight, or some change in oneís life. Meditation is where a person seeks only to know the presence of God.





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