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Bill, a young sailor, awoke after a wild weekend of partying and girls to a strange rash in the genital area.

He went to the shipís doctor and showed him the rash. As the doctor examined him a strange look of concern and even alarm overshadowed his face. He said nothing, but took a scraping for analysis.

An hour later the doctor returned and said, "This is very serious. According to the lab results, you have Rotyercockoff."

"What does this mean? Just how serious is it?" the Bill asked.

"This dreaded disease is rare and the only known treatment is to surgically remove your genitals," the doctor replied.

The young man sat in shock. "This canít be right! There must be something you can do other than that! These are the family jewels weíre talking about! I want a second opinion!" The desperation in his voice was clearly understood by all.

In the following weeks Bill went from one specialist to another and the prognosis was always the same.

Finally he came to a doctor who specialized in exotic diseases. This young doctor was known to be the best. Sadly his prognosis was the same as all the others,.. that was to surgically remove all the genitals.

The young sailor sat in deep depression and wept. "There must be someone who can help me!" he cried.

The doctor put his hand on the young manís shoulder and stood silently. Finally he said, "I donít mean to raise any false hopes, but in my research I met this old doctor who practices in a small village at the base of Mount Fuji. He has been known to cure diseases that we donít even have a name for. Perhaps you should look him up."

A leave was arranged and the Bill traveled to Japan and finally located the remote village where the old doctor practiced. As he walked down the trail to the village, he noticed that there was one hut that had a long line of people. Apparently they were waiting to see the doctor. He waited patiently for his turn.

Finally he was ushered into the hut and there stood an old Japanese man with a thin long white beard. His eyes shined and there was a childlike quality to him.

"What brings such a illustrious young man to grace the presence of this house?"

Bill dropped his pants and exposed his rash for the Doctor to see.

"Ah so! Rotyercockoff! Very Bad!" the old man exclaimed.

"Doctor, I have seen one doctor after another and they all say the same thing. They say that the entire genital area must be removed! Is this really necessary?", Bill exclaimed.

The old manís eyes lit up and he laughed out loud. "Oh no! You not have to remove!... Given enough time it rot off all by itself!"

Rotyercockoff Commentary:

This is really a story of attachments. It could be said that every attachment that our soul picks up in this life equates to the dreaded disease mentioned above.

However, I usually tell this story to people who ask me if I think they should stay in a destructive relationship.

It is far more sensible for the young man to realize that he is much more than his genitals. We are more than our sexuality, money or any other quality that we think defines us.

It is important to come to grips with our circumstance and look ahead to a new way of living. Life is richly varied in its experiences and challenges. To limit yourself to a narrow spectrum of expression is to put yourself in a prison of your own self-reflection.








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