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One Way Walkway

Jim decided to consciously break a rule. The rule in this case had to do with a pedestrian walkway that, due to a heavy traffic flow, had been designated as a one-way egress.

Today was different. Today Jim did not care about others. He was going to be different. "To hell with the world and everyone in it! I don't need their rules!", He thought as the power of rebellion swelled in his breast.

Armed with this sterling attitude he purposefully started walking in the wrong direction.

"Excuse me sir," said a nice lady, "This walkway is designed for traffic going the other way."

Jim did not even look at this polite lady. Instead he brushed right by her and continued bumping into people as he pushed his way along.

A gentleman softly touched his arm and said, "Young man, are you aware you are going the wrong way?" Jim jerked his arm away, looked scornfully at the man and continued pushing and shoving his way through the crowd.

Suddenly a large burly man stepped in front of him, looked him in the eye, and "POW!!" a searing pain shot through his head as he hit the ground. The man had knocked him down with a single blow.

"Go the other way, Ass hole!", the man growled.

Seeing the error of his ways Jim immediately decided that maybe there was a real good design to this one-way walkway after all.

One Way Walkway Commentary

Life is a wonderful teacher. It is infinitely patient and has all the time it needs. It also is resourceful when it comes to creating learning situations for us.

When we ignore the basic rules of Harmony and Truth, Life will gently try to turn us around. If we continue to ignore these growing omens, then it will literally "stop" us.

Our journey is one-way. We are all going back to God. The length of the journey and its difficulty it is really up to us. If we start looking at the sign post and keep a happy, considerate attitude then our journey becomes one of harmony and love.





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