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Motorcycle Mamas

Rusty hung on tightly to Ugly Frank as the motorcycles roared down the road. She was the "Head Mama" as of last week when Ugly Frank shit-canned Lucy.

None of the women had really liked Lucy. The minute that Lucy was history, Rusty and Yolanda both vied for the opportunity to be Ugly Frank's girl. Hell, almost all the women wanted to be Ugly Frank's girl, after all, he was the biggest, meanest and most powerful man around and therefore President of the motorcycle club! Rusty, who was more aggressive than Yolanda, staked her claim and Ugly Frank didn't have a chance.

Rusty felt a sense of pride as she had finally gotten what she had wanted. She was "Top Dog" now and the other women would just have to deal with it, especially that slut Yolanda!

Right behind rode Hairy Joe and his woman, Yolanda. Yolanda watched Rusty's long braided hair whip in the wind and was she pissed! Rusty occupied the space that Yolanda so envied. Yolanda was always laughing and pretending to be Rusty's friend, but beneath the surface, she hated her guts. That bitch Karen that had moved in ahead and now Yolanda was stuck behind Hairy Joe.

Hairy Joe didn't seem to mind that Yolanda had come after him only after Ugly Frank ended up with Rusty. Hairy Joe was, after all, the vice-president of the motorcycle chapter, and Yolanda was one of the perks that came with this distinguished position.

Four bikes back and to the left, rode Tripper. Tripper started out as Dirty Dan's girl and he had taught her how to ride his bike.

When Dirty Dan was shot outside The Green Grasshopper Bar, Tripper's grief was such that she would not let anyone touch Dirty Dan's bike after he was gone. She was a little crazy and in a somewhat dangerous state of mind while dealing with her loss, so the guys decided to just let her be and ride solo.

Slowly she had earned respect, especially when she showed how well she could not only ride, but also fix the chopper when it broke down.

As Tripper watched Yolanda and Rusty she was disgusted with them both.

"They can't do anything without a man," She thought.

She remembered how it used to be for her too, when "who" you rode behind was the most important thing in a woman's life. If you could manage to get someone who was mean and tough enough, you got respect. If you didn't, you were passed around like a Frisbee.

She reminisced about her time riding behind Dan. Her eyes misted a little as she relived the many happy times and the intimacy that they had shared.

She also felt a slight sting when she recalled how it felt to only be referred to as "Dirty Dan's Old Lady". She remembered how it was not being able to make any of the decisions. She had to leave when Dan wanted to leave, pee when Dan wanted to pee and place herself at his whims and unpredictable schedule.

She thought about the way she was right before he was killed, how she was always bitching at him. Bitching seemed to be the only way she could assert herself.

"How sad," She thought. "Dan's gone now and I miss him, but I don't want to be under any man again! Unless it's for an hour or two...", she chuckled.

Motorcycle Mamas Commentary:
The only true freedom relies in self-reliance. When we define ourselves by who we are dating or have as a partner, then we lose our freedom and self-respect. It is only when we have the freedom of choice, that we take hold of our lives.





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