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Meditation Monster

A man once traveled to a distant country in order to study with an Enlightened Teacher.

Upon being accepted as a student, the Teacher placed him in a small hut on one of his meditation retreats.

After establishing him in a basic meditation practice, the Teacher went away for a couple of weeks.

Upon returning the Teacher asked the student how his meditations had been.

"They are most terrifying and disturbing!", the student exclaimed. "There is this horrible hairy monster with several legs and pinchers and it is trying to kill me! What can I do?!?" he asked.

The Teacher said to simply continue the meditation as he had been taught and to focus on the teachings rather than the distractions. He then left on another journey.

Several months later the Teacher returned and asked the student how his meditations were going. "Great!" he replied.

The Teacher looked deeply into the student and asked, "How was your meditation this morning?"

The student thought for a minute and said, "It was a really nice meditation... However I do recall that there was a moment when a small flea crawled across my leg. I noticed that it had strong legs, then I dismissed all awareness of it and had a most wonderful meditation."

The teacher laughed and laughed. "That small flea was the monster you were facing months ago!" he exclaimed.


Meditation Monster Commentary:

In life and especially in self-discovery, the monsters we face today will seem to diminish as we mature and grow stronger.

The key to the story was that the student kept his focus on his tasks and technique. He pushed aside the fears and distractions and finally completely overcame them.









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