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Henry’s Wife

Henry and Jane had been married over fourteen years. Their marriage had been a real good match from the beginning. They were more than just husband and wife. They were lovers and best friends. At least up until the last couple of years.

It would be difficult to place blame on why or when the spark went out of their love life. Perhaps it was Henry’s job that required so much of him, or the stress of the commute, it might have been the financial bind that forced both of them to work long hours... Who knows.

Somehow through this time Jane started to be a little lonely and feel kind of neglected. So when her supervisor at work started to pay her compliments and attention, she was definitely in a weakened condition and, over time, her resistance failed and she gave in.

The result was a one-night stand that, if anything, showed her just how much she had with her Henry. She was guilt stricken and knew that she had made the biggest mistake of her life. After a few days, she could no longer keep silent. Tearfully she sobbed out her confession to Henry.

Henry listened with growing anger. After she had finished he flew into a rage. "You slut! You Whore! I never want to see your cheap face again. I could never love you again! It’s over... Get out!" he roared in outrage.

Henry grabbed her and literally threw her out of the house along with her possessions. He was furious and hated her.

Later on that night Henry went to the bowling alley to meet his friends. When everyone wanted to know where Jane was, Henry wasted no time relating every sordid detail of her adultery. Most of his friends agreed that he had done the right thing. It was the general consensus that Jane was never really any good and he was much better off not having a tramp as a wife.

Henry spent the following day calling her place of employment and complaining about her indiscretion causing her to go before a review board which effectively limited her future with the company.

He called up all the relatives and told them about it too. Her relatives hated him and thought he was a jerk. His relatives agreed with his actions and added that he should have left her long ago.

At last he was feeling vindicated. Everyone knew about her now! Her reputation was thoroughly exposed. Everyone felt sorry for him.

As the days turned into weeks and then months, his anger subsided and a sense of emptiness started to grow. Slowly he started remembering the many years they had shared together. He actually started missing her! He began to see how his inattention had set the whole thing off. After a while, he realized he had overreacted. He wanted to forgive her and for her to forgive him. Mostly he just wanted her back.

He clearly remembered how he had destroyed her. How he had trashed her to everyone they knew. How could he ask her back after what he had done? Not only would he have to face her, but he also would have to face her relatives, her co-workers and all of their friends. It just seemed to be too much!

If only he had controlled his anger and harsh judgment. "I was never so wrong as when I was so right," he thought bitterly.

He wanted her back now more than ever, but his shame and pride caused him to suffer deeply.

Henry’s Wife Commentary

I started to name this chapter:

"Don’t Shit In Your Own Bed -You May Have To Sleep In IT".

When a person lets self-righteousness rule his life, he tends to make terrible mistakes in judgment. I am sure that Henry would give anything to go back in time and not trash Jane. Now, even if he talks her into returning, he will have to deal with her angry relatives who consider him the world’s greatest jerk; his relatives who will consider him a weenie for taking the tramp back; her coworkers and friends (many of whom have also said some pretty nasty things about her).

Over ten years ago some of my students got angry and trashed me. Now, whenever I am in their town, they still cannot come to see me. I know that some of them would like to sit with me, but they can’t because they might run into some of the people they trashed me to.

When a student decides to leave, it is highly recommended that he or she not trash the teacher, the study or the followers. The ego always wants to defend itself and this inclination must be curbed. If a person can refrain from trashing, then later on, it is much easier to return to the study and the teacher if a person wants too.








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