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The Buddha Sits

The Buddha sat underneath the tree. He had seen all that this world had to offer and now he set his intent upon moving beyond this limited awareness into Eternal Consciousness.

The Gods watched as he did this and, perceiving his resolve and intent, knew that this could mean trouble for them. They immediately sent an angel down to try to stop him.

The angel stirred up his friends. They came to the tree and teased him saying that this was foolish and that everyone agreed that he should leave with them.

The angel then gathered up the Buddha’s family and relatives. They ridiculed him and tried to shame him into leaving the tree. "You are disgracing the family!", They cried. "We are becoming the laughing stock of the village! If you really loved us you would stop and come on home!", they shouted.

The Buddha sat, neither attracted nor repulsed..

Finally his parents came. The father said, "Son, I for one, am proud of you. You have shown the whole world that you are holy and how we all must examine our lives. You have made your point. Please come home."

The mother was in tears. She cried and begged him to come home. Adding that she had cooked his favorite meal.

The Buddha sat, neither attracted nor repulsed.

The Gods were becoming increasingly agitated. They urged the Angel to increase the interference.

The Angel summoned the village officials to come and they accused him of causing a public commotion. They demanded that he stop immediately

The Buddha sat, neither attracted nor repulsed.

The priests came and meditated with him for a while. Then they begged him to go with them back to the monastery and teach them how to become enlightened.

The Buddha sat, neither attracted nor repulsed.

The family, friends, officials and priests all sat off to the side and watched the Buddha meditate.

The Gods were quite disturbed. It was time to use the stronger methods.

First they sent the Dakanis (goddesses of sensual pleasure and desire). These Goddesses danced before the Buddha. Never was there greater temptation shown to mortal man. No matter

how they danced or moved, the Buddha sat, neither attracted nor repulsed.

When they saw that he showed no reaction, they joined the crowd at the side and watched the Buddha meditate.

The Gods were becoming frightened. They unleashed the demons from hell. The demons roared and breathed fire. They made menacing gestures and caused the earth to shake.

The Buddha sat, neither attracted nor repulsed.

The demons too joined the crowd to watch the Buddha meditate.

The Gods themselves descended and approached the Buddha.

"You have proven yourself to be the most holy of all men. You have earned your immortality! You may now join us as we work to help mankind evolve into a higher state. Come, you are one of us now", they sang.

The Buddha sat, neither attracted nor repulsed.

The Gods now knew that they had failed. They joined everyone off to the side and watched the Buddha meditate.

The Buddha moved beyond this world and all worlds into Nirvana.

The Buddha Sits Commentary

Every one of us is the Buddha. At one point in our evolution, we all decide to sit under the tree and move beyond this experience into God.

When this happens, everything in our Universe will try to pull us back.

And everything will pull us back. It is only after we have left the tree and given in to these forces that we realize that we made a mistake.

We then go once again and sit under the tree. What took us away before will not have any effect on us now. As we move through the attractions, aversions and ego protection, we move steadily toward Enlightenment.





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