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Belinda was slightly sick to her stomach as she left the apartment. She knew why. Her time in Los Angeles had been a financial disaster. The job market had been terrible.

She had registered with numerous job agencies and yet it seemed the only times she had been offered work came of the days when she happened to be out of town. She had worked only 6 days in the last two and a half months.

This had caused her some depression and she wasn't having a good day dealing with it. She certainly didn't feel like going job hunting. Setting up the appointment with a couple of agencies had been a real struggle.

Her situation was desperate. Her boyfriend had stretched himself thin helping her. Her family had gone way beyond expectations.

Now her car payment was due again and her telephone bill was overdue.

She forced herself to get out and go to one more employment agency. She arrived early but couldn't find a parking space. Finally she located one several blocks away. This made her late. She finally arrived and took all the tests, which took longer than expected.

At the end, she was informed that even though she tested high, there were no openings.

When she got back to her car, she had a $20 parting ticket.

She refused to break down. She came close but somehow managed to hold it together and go home.

Back at the apartment, she took off all of her clothes and threw herself on her bed. She cried for a while then lay still.

Belinda then got up, took a shower and put on her best interview suit.

Something in her had changed. She was not angry, she was determined.

She went to another employment agency and interviewed with them.

She tested with even higher scores than at the previous agency and this time she was offered a position.

Belinda won.

Belinda Commentary:

All boxers are knocked down. It is the champion that pulls deep from within and somehow manages to get up off the mat and when all the fire has been knocked out of the fighter, the champion will get back up and once again go back at the opponent with nothing but heart.

Belinda was a champion.





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