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Alice's Dream House

Alice had a dream of her perfect home. In fact she walked by it everyday on her way to work at the mortgage company. It was this fabulous mansion on State Street. It had a huge yard with a winding driveway . It had four huge columns that framed a majestic porch that was two stories high. It was the castle of her dreams.

Every day she would stand outside the gate and gaze into the grounds. She would picture how she would sit in the gazebo and smell the honeysuckle. It was a beautiful dream!

One day she noticed that the house was empty. She immediately went to the office and did some research. Sure enough, it was in foreclosure! The next few weeks were a flurry of excitement and unbending focus. Her boss pulled some strings and she managed to get her folks to co-sign for the house and it was hers!

She moved into her dream house on a warm spring day. It was everything that she had dreamt it would be. The huge rooms, the pool, the three car garage. It was perfect!

As she moved in, she noticed that her furniture could fit into one room. As she looked around, she realized that she could not afford to furnish it.

A couple of days later, the pool turned green. She soon found that she could not afford the maintenance for it much less the gardeners for the grounds. As the days and weeks went on, every moment seemed to be taken up doing the everyday maintenance. She had precious little time to sit in the gazebo and enjoy her house. Her troubles began to mount when she got her utilities bills. They almost equaled her entire check! In just a few weeks, her dream house became a nightmare.

Finally she went to her boss and confided to him her troubles. He cocked an eyebrow and examined her for a few minutes. His view of her foolish venture was written all over his face.

"I'll see what I can do.", He said gravely.

A couple of days later he came in an told her that he had found a buyer. I would cost her a couple of thousand dollars, but at least her parents would not have to be responsible for the loss.

Her relief was clearly visible. She could hardly wait to move out of her "Dream House"

Dream House Commentary:

Alice discovered that there is more to dreaming that just getting the end product. One must dream and accrue the personal power to support such a dream. While it is best to reach a little over your head when pursuing your dreams, common sense is something that needs to be factored into the formula. If she had increased her personal power to live in the dream house then the experience would have been much different. It is the lifestyle and embodiment of that reality that makes the dream, not the building.



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