Anthology: A Collection of Flowers by Shiva


Table of Contents
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Tea With God
House Remodeling
The Sloppy Sensei
The Sloppy Students
Go For The Light
Henryís Wife
I Could Have Asked For
Meditation Monster
The Buddha Sits

The Teakwood Box
One Way Walkway
The Zen Master
Motorcycle Mamas
A Wife To Straighten Me Out
The Street Corner Musician
Aliceís Dream House
The Guru Visits The City NEW!

Dreams & Visions
So This Is Who You Are!
The River Dreams
The Ordinary Life
Roller Rink
The Parliament Of Our Being
The Christmas Tree
The Casino
The Bar Fight

Personal Experiences
Would You Love Me If...
Dadís Philosophy
Ugly Little Girl
Billís Perception
Rio Grande Swim
The Science Teacher

Driving In The Fog
The Hubcap
One Night On The Beach
Nothing Till You Name It!
Returning Underwear
My Old Radio
The Poltergeist
Her First Thought
Fiddle In The Closet
Teaching How To Ride A Bike NEW!


Anthology: A collection of flowers

In this book I have brought together a collection of my experiences and awakening epiphanies. I have gathered each group of these "flowers" according to kind.

Throughout the years I have used various stories to illustrate points. The thought of writing them down so they could be enjoyed by people who never had the opportunity to sit with me sounded like a lot of fun.

When this started out, I thought there would only be about eight or nine stories. But as I would write one story, another would come to mind. Then just as I finally figured that I had included them all, I would teach a class and here would pop up a story that I had used many times.

Most of the stories are original, but I have picked up a couple along the way. I have used them so much that it is very difficult for me to determine which are mine and which are borrowed from some unknown source. I have also included some of my personal experiences to add to the whole potpourri.

This book has been a lot of fun to put together. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


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Shiva (Tony Chester).

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