Shiva (Tony Chester)
California and Cross-USA
Phone: (800) 239-9125
Clear Light Seminars

Shiva is determined to do as much as he can to reach enlightenment in this lifetime. Along the way, he teaches others what he knows.

Shiva's events are always a true experience in courage, strength, and mysticism. He brings a flair and integrity with helping students along the path.

With power pilgrimages across the nation and especially in California, plan on attending the next big event. You will be glad that you did.

Shiva is an original supporter of RamaLila. He has written extensively and has two books awaiting publishing. One of them is here on RamaLila and is a must for students and those teaching. Check out Flowers: An Anthology and the NEW BOOK by Shiva, The Fast Path both free e-books you can read now; Shiva is also a published Buddhist humorist.

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