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Dharma Center has two teachers who give classes on a regular basis. Each teacher has worked closely with the RamaLila.com site on the Buddhist Question and Answer page. You may want to research the teachers by reading their answers, and by reading any other published work on the RamaLila site.

About Lynne

Lynne has been practicing self-discovery and meditation since her first meeting with her teacher, Rama, in 1982. She refuses to attach herself to any particular religion. She practices the forms of self-discovery that were taught by her teacher.

She says: "In his final years my teacher called himself an American Buddhist monk. I respect the label, and I certainly most closely 'fit' into that 'ism'. However, Rama offered an eclectic practice that embraced the wisdom of eternity. His truths crossed religious lines. I prefer listening to the truth of the enlightened, rather than studying the religions that are based upon their truths. For me it is cleaner. I am cautious about the dogmas and rules that have become part of world religions."

Lynne will be happy to help you with practices of meditation and mindfulness. In this lifetime her personal journey is based on the teachings of Rama. Ram Dass and the Pacific Ocean are two of her favorite teachers. You might want to take a look at Awake in the Dream, which is posted on RamaLila.org in electronic form.

For more about Lynne,

Lynne is co-founder of The Dharma Center and this is their home on the web!

Awake in the Dream
Lynne's complete book online with auto bookmarking so you never loose your place!

Buddhist Questions and Answers
Read her answers to tough Buddhist Questions.




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