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Meditation Teachers and Reference

RamaLila.ORG is part of a collection of four sites put together by a small team of volunteers. This is our way of spreading the dharma and providing students with a forum for sharing their knowledge.

RamaLila.ORG is intended for students currently working with or seeking a meditation teacher. It is also an online teaching site where participants can ask and answer buddhist questions along with fellow students and teachers. A second important aspect of RamaLila.ORG is to provide reference materials about Rama, his life, and his works.

The two symbols for this page are the crane and the Sri Yantra. The crane is the animal that returns to the nest after finding a food source and thus is a symbol for those meditation teachers who return to teaching to share their found wealth of being on the path. The yantra is popular Buddhist tool used for visualizing beautiful worlds in meditation. Rama taught yantra meditation along with many other forms. The Sri Yantra was handed out by Rama in throughout the eighties and early nineties.


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